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protections made noticeable progress in China last yea

 because of multiple measures, including improved legislation, intensified law enforcement and more international coopera tion, according to the Report on the Latest Development in IPR Protection and Business Environment in China. Law enforcement authorities in China handled 215,000 cases involvin g counterfeit products last year, including 77,000 cases involving patent infr ingement, said Gan Lin,…

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Other signs of a more vigorous Chinese economy wer

 also visible in the quarterly financial results, including an accelerated transition to innovation-based growth. According to Wind Info, sectors like communication, non-banking financials and co mputers topped the earnings growth of all sectors of the A-share market in the first quarter. “The communication sector registered a 310-percent growth in profits in the first quarter, bolstered…

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He said an ideal souvenir is one that is practical, rem

niscent of local experiences, artistic and portable. “The souveni r market is huge and growing, given the expanding Chinese middle-inc ome population and consumers’ increasing purchasing po wer. But to earn money in this market, souvenir-makers should do a much better job.” China has the world’s largest and fastest-growing middle-income group (more than 400 m…

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