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These values, rooted on Asia’s culture and history and cen

ered on consensus, social harmony, stability and discipline, are more important and rel evant than ever in the face of challenges-such as protectionism and terrorism-confronting the world today. Joefe Santarita, dean of the Asian Center at the University of the Philippines, said Asian values promote consensual approach and communitari anism rather than individualism, and they…

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te Council releases aims of government work disclosure

The General Office of the State Council released a document on April 29, stressing five aspects the government affairs d isclosure work in 2019 should be focused on: strengthening policy interpretation and response to public con cerns, increasing transparency of policymaking and implementation, furthering information disclosure in key areas, b uilding information disclosure platforms, and…

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A total of about $786 million was poured into the

project, 95 percent of it provided by China through preferential and b uyers’ loans. China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation, a State-funded policy-oriented i nsurance company, provided insurance services for the project, which helped the local government sacure $680 milli on in business loans from Chinese banks, greatly reducing pressure on the project’s financing. Mozambique’s…

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