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The collaboration aims to make areas along the initi

ative safer, more sustainable and disaster-proof, according to the declaration published during the two-day International Conference on Silk-road Disa ster Risk Reduction and Development, which concluded in Beijing on Sunday. Sunday marked China’s 11th National Disaster Prevention and Reducti on Day, an annual event which began in 2009 after a devastating earthquake hit Sich uan…

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China’s Belt and Road policy seeks to integrate smart

ecological infrastructure among developing countries to facilitate trade, investment and communications while achieving the United Nations Sustainable Develop ment Goals of reducing poverty and protecting the environment. China’s policy of the “ecological civilization” prio ritizes environmental protection through technology application to enhance green energy and the deve lopment of ecological cities. Protection of the oceans…

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More appetite among Chinese, Asian collectors for Western art

hinese and Asian art collectors have become more knowledgeable, sophisticated and are branching out for m ore Western works, said Francis Belin, president of Christie’s Asia, who is excited about the trend. “Chinese clients have evolved from being very dedicated to Chinese arts to gaining increasing interest in other categories and expanding the spectrum of…

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