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Many countries along the Belt and Road have high moun

tains, deserts, oceans and a lack of accurate meteorological information. The number o f meteorological disasters in the regions is more than double the global average, the administration said. Wei Caiying, deputy general-director of the National Satellite Meteoro logical Center, said that real-time disaster monitoring by meteorological satellites coul d provide these countries with a…

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Customs cooperation to take aim at IPR violationsnd inter

China will expand international cooperation in enforcing intellectu al property rights to facilitate trade and create a favorable business environment for ente rprises from China and overseas, a customs official said on Wednesday. Cooperative customs mechanisms have been establ ished in more than 130 countries and regions, with more than 190 agree ments signed, including…

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The rise of fraud cases in recent years in independen

 enrollments has tainted the practice’s reputation and caught the authorities’ attention, w ith parents buying academic papers and patents online to help their children stand out. The Ministry of Education is asking universities to adopt stricter rules for independent e nrollment; to avoid too much reliance on criteria such as research papers, patents and competition…

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