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Intl professionals’ exchange conference wraps up in Shen

More than 3,000 cooperation intentions were reached between Chinese government dep artments and professional organizations, training agencies and overseas talent at the 17th Conf erence on International Exchange of Professionals, which wrapped up in Shenzhen on Monday. Over 1,500 enterprises, including well-known companies like Tencent, Huawei, Pin gan, Vanke and BYD, presented talent with nearly…

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School officials punished for changing exam scores

School officials at South China University of Technology in Guangzh ou, Guangdong province have been punished for changing 10 students’ national post graduate entrance examination scores last year, the university said on Thursday. Zhang Jun, dean of the university’s school of computer science and engineering, has been removed from his post an d forbidden to…

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Meanwhile, 5G is becoming a new bright spot. In Decem

the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology allocated specific l ow- and medium-frequency bands to the nation’s three telecom carriers. Currently, these carrie rs are conducting 5G trial operations in a string of cities, enabling large-scale precommercial use. According to the action plan, the country will speed up 5G research, and promote the construct ion…

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