te Council releases aims of government work disclosure

The General Office of the State Council released a document on April 29, stressing five aspects the government affairs d

isclosure work in 2019 should be focused on: strengthening policy interpretation and response to public con

cerns, increasing transparency of policymaking and implementation, furthering information disclosure in key areas, b

uilding information disclosure platforms, and improving the information disclosure system.

According to the document, important policies and measures should be interpret

ed simultaneously by departments that formulated them; public issues discussed at the State Cou

ncil executive meetings should be further explained at regular policy briefings.

Public concerns should be addressed actively. Multiple ways of expression, such a

s pictures, videos and statistics, will be encouraged to enhance the quality of the responses.

When drafting policies, authorities should solicit public opinions by holding hearings

and symposiums, collecting suggestions online or communicating with media, among other means.