Ghanshyam Saini, an air conditioner repairer, said he

e finds the Haier air conditioners better than other brands in the same se

gment in Indian market. “The concept of auto-clean in Haier air conditioners is unique wh

ich other brands in the same segment don’t have, and it’s fast becoming a unique selling proposition,” he said.

“Last year when I went to the market to buy a refrigerator I didn’t have any particular brand in my mind. Then, the mark

eting executive at the shop introduced the Haier refrigerator to me and I found the price tag to be the lowest when comp

ared to other brands in the same segment. I bought it and have had a very good experience over the past one year. I think it offers real value for m

oney,” said Deepak Kumar Yadav, a resident of Pandwala Kalan village in Southwest Delhi.

Ajay Kumar, a sales executive at chain home appliance store Vijay Sales in Gurugram city of northern state of Har

yana, said the Haier brand is getting popular in the consumer durables segment due to its low prices and extra features.